Corporate Skills Licence


The Corporate Skills Licence helps those in control of the budget to even out the training spend by spreading a training budget across two financial years.  By purchasing a Corporate Skills Licence with the residual training budget at the end of a financial year allows it to be used over the following 12 months against our wide portfolio of courses.


With only the one PO and invoice raised initially at inception, Corporate Skills Licences simplify the booking process. Then, the courses required simply get redeemed against the licence throughout the year upon the clients instruction.


The Skills Licence can be used for any organisation of any size so it enables them to purchase training for any employee of an organisation from any department on any training course over a 12-month period. Larger companies may wish to purchase individual smaller Skills Licences for each department so they can manage their training requirements on a departmental basis. They can then be redeemed against public scheduled courses, closed company courses or onsite course and in any area of our wide curriculum.

Discounted Prices

A Skills Licence will provide you and your organisation with the best value for money by offering cost savings and an easy way to track your training spend.  Skills Licences are designed to fit in with each client’s individual and unique needs, is fully flexible and can be purchased for any amount as there is no minimum and no maximum required spend.



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