Microsoft Outlook Level 1

Course Code: OL16L1   Duration: 1 Day   Price: £285+VAT

You will use Outlook to compose, send, receive and organise email.


This course is intended for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and want to know how to use Outlook to manage their time and information.


To be successful in this course, you should be familiar with using personal computers. You should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information. Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs, navigate to information stored on a computer and manage files and folders.

Course Contents
  • Outlook Setup & Configuration
  • First Look at Outlook
  • Terminology & Concepts
  • Security Issues
  • Sending Messages
  • Receiving, reading & replying to messages
  • Manipulating Text & Files
  • Contacts
  • Organising Mail
  • Customising Outlook