Microsoft Excel VBA Training Course

Course Code: MSEXVBA   Duration: 2 Days   Price: £745+VAT

This course is designed for users of Microsoft Excel wanting to extend their existing skills in using the product.  It is aimed at those who have no prior knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications and who want to be able to automate tasks and create custom user-interfaces within Excel.

The course is based upon the subject areas listed below and each chapter includes tutor-led demonstrations followed by hands-on practical exercises for delegates.  Please note that the subject areas covered will depend on the ability of the delegates attending and time available.


For those who have a reasonable working knowledge of Excel and who wish to automate tasks and extend the functionality of Excel further.

Learning Objectives

By actively participating in this course, you will learn about the following:

  • Understand and create macros.
  • View and modify recorded macros.
  • Understand Visual Basic procedures.
  • Understand and use objects.
  • Understand variables.
  • Understand decision making and looping.
  • Use controls and dialog boxes.
  • Create automatic procedures.

To ensure your success, we recommend that you have a reasonable working knowledge of Excel or have attended the courses detailed below:

Course Contents

Introduction to Macros

  • The Capabilities of a Macro
  • Recording a Macro
  • Where a Macro is Stored
  • Stopping the Recorder
  • Running a Macro
  • Absolute and Relative Referencing
  • Adding a Macro to a Menu
  • Adding a Macro to a Button on a Tool Bar
  • Adding a Macro to a Button on a Worksheet

 Viewing & Modifying Recorded Macros

  • Displaying a Macro
  • Reading the Visual Basic Code
  • Getting Help in Visual Basic
  • Printing a Visual Basic Module

Visual Basic Procedures

  • What is a Procedure?
  • Procedure Arguments
  • Calling Procedures
  • Visual Basic Modules
  • Calling Procedures from other Modules
  • Calling Procedures from another Workbook

Visual Basic Objects

  • Introduction to Objects
  • Using Objects
  • Properties in Procedures
  • Performing Actions with Methods
  • Collections of Objects
  • Objects as Containers
  • Referencing Cells

The Object Browser

  • Using the Object Browser
  • Learning Objects' Properties and Methods
  • Pasting Code into your Module

Declaring Variables

  • Why identify Variable and Arguments in Advance
  • Option Explicit helping with Errors
  • Data Types
  • Data Types within Arguments
  • Assigning Objects to Variables

Operators, Constants & Scope

  • Operators, Constants, Scope of Variables and Constants

Decision Making & Looping

  • Decision Making
  • If....Then Statements
  • Select Case Statements
  • Looping
  • Do....Loop
  • For....Next Loops
  • Nested Control Structures
  • Exiting from a Control Structure

Testing & Correcting Code

  • The Tools that can Help
  • Debugging Tools on the Visual Basic Toolbar
  • Using the Immediate Window in the Debug Window
  • Using Watch in the Debug Window
  • Watch Types in the Watch Window
  • Stepping Through your Code

Controls & Dialog Boxes

  • Using Simple Pre-defined Dialog Boxes
  • Getting Information from the User
  • Displaying Information with the MsgBox Function
  • Making Customised User Forms
  • Setting Control Properties
  • Assigning Code to Controls and User Forms
  • Displaying a User Form

Creating Automatic Procedures

  • Creating Automatic Procedures
  • Setting Automatic Macros for Single Sheets

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