ITIL Strategic Leader

ITIL® V4 Strategic Leader is a stream of two modules that are part of ITIL® V4, the next evolution of ITIL® and follow the successful completion of the ITIL® V4 Foundation Certificate.

The ITIL® Strategic Leader stream recognises that ITIL®’s value goes far beyond just IT operations and is really beneficial to all digitally-enabled services. Achieving the Strategic Leader certification shows that you appreciate and understand how IT can affect and influence overall business strategy.

Strategic Leader - Certification Track

To become an ITIL® V4 Strategic Leader (ITIL SL), you must complete the following modules:

  • ITIL® V4 Foundation

  • ITIL® V4 Strategist: Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI)

  • ITIL® V4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy

To achieve ITIL® V4 Managing Professional certification or ITIL® V4 Strategic Leader certification, you must complete all modules in each stream, with ITIL® V4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve being a universal module for both streams. Therefore, candidates achieving ITIL® V4 Managing Professional certification would only need to complete the ITIL® V4 Digital and IT Strategy course to also achieve the ITIL® V4 Strategic Leader certification.

All our ITIL® V4 courses include exams as part of the course.


What is ITIL® V4 ?

ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a widely accepted approach to IT service management which helps businesses ensure their IT services are aligned with their needs and support their core processes. It provides numerous benefits such as controlled infrastructure services, improved decision making, financial management, clear organisational structure, high availability and better customer satisfaction. It is the most widely adopted ITSM (IT service management) framework in the world.

The newest iteration of ITIL® – ITIL® V4 – was launched in February 2019, with the release of a new edition of the ITIL® V4 Foundation manual and the ITIL® V4 Foundation certification. It builds on previous versions of the framework by introducing a new end-to-end digital operating model, which has been designed to help IT teams create, deliver and operate technical products and services that fit their organisation’s wider business strategy.

The ITIL® V4 Foundation course and qualification introduce students to the essential concepts associated with ITIL® V4 and prepares students to take the ITIL® V4 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.

The certification will give students an understanding of the common language and key concepts of ITIL® V4. Furthermore, the qualification will enable students to progress onto more specialised ITIL® V4 courses and qualifications.

All our ITIL® courses include exams as part of the course


Group Training for ITIL® Strategic Leader Courses

All our ITIL® training courses are available with exams as closed company courses specifically for the people in your organisation so please just ask us if there is a group of you who require the same training and we'll set up a course just for you on a date that matches your timescales.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are exams included in the price?

Yes – the exam is included in the cost of all our ITIL® V4 training courses

Is courseware included?

Yes – courseware is included in all of our ITIL® V4 courses

When do I receive my Joining Instructions?

Joining instructions are sent out approximately 2-weeks prior to the course start date and contain everything you need to know in order to attend your ITIL® V4 course.

What is the Skilltec Training Virtual Classroom?

Our live-with-the-trainer Virtual Classrooms allows you to attend our ITIL® V4 courses from anywhere. Our training specialists replicate the live classroom environment virtually incorporating using Microsoft Teams and encourage lots of class discussion.