Excel Level 4 (VBA)


Must haves

- PC or Laptop with

  • Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365 software
  • Microsoft Teams
  • A microphone
  • The 'Mortgage' file saved as a Template (see instructions below)

- Student Files and Workbook (download below)

- A strong and stable internet connection


Recommended (but not essential)

- A second screen, tablet or second laptop (with Teams installed)

- A webcam

- A notepad for your notes if you wish

Trainer Requests


If you have a camera or webcam on at least one of your devices, please keep this on so that your Trainer can see you. 

When delivering a course, facial expressions are more important than you might think as it allows us to gauge how you are getting on with everything... plus, if everyone has their cameras off, it feels a little like you're talking to yourself!

Arrival Time

Please ensure you have accessed the course at least 15 minutes before the start time - if there are any technical issues, this allows our Training Support Team time to resolve them before the course begins.

Be Prepared

Please download all the necessary files (below) and test your equipment before the day of the course.

Screen Sharing

Because of the specific nature of this course, it may be necessary to share your screen during the course so that the Trainer can properly assist you; please ensure that any sensitive information is closed before sharing your screen.


Excel Level 1 - Course Profile

Excel Level 2 - Course Profile

Learning Objectives

Excel Level 4 VBA - Course Profile


Student Files (please ensure you have extracted the files from the zipped folder and saved to your computer not the Cloud/OneDrive)

Workbook (CaSe SeNsItIvE Password: MSEXVBA)

How to save Mortgage file as a Template (if you need help with this, please contact our Training Support Team on 01752 227330 (Option 1), or by email to trainingsupport@skilltec.co.uk.


If you will be attending the course from your workplace, please ensure that you are seated in a room away from the main work area so that there are minimal distractions and background noise that may disrupt you and/or other attendees.

If you will be in the same room as another course attendee, please contact us to discuss your equipment set up - in our experience, you may experience audio feedback when there are multiple people accessing the course from the same room.  You can call us on 01752 227330 (Opt 1) or by email to trainingsupport@skilltec.co.uk