Unicorn Construction (Onsite) Project 2016 Level 1


Must haves

- PC or Laptop with Project 2013 or 2016 software

- Student Files (download below)

- A strong and stable internet connection

Recommended (but not essential)

- Workbook (download below)


Please scroll down for your course materials...

If you have any queries about the set up you will need, please contact our Training Support Team prior to the course date on 01752 227330 (Opt 1), or by email to trainingsupport@skilltec.co.uk prior to the course date.


Basic computer skills including opening/closing programs, navigating files & folders, opening/closing/saving files...

Learning Objectives

Project 2016 Level 1 - Course Profile


Image not found  Student Files (please ensure you have extracted the files from the zipped folder and saved to your computer not the Cloud/OneDrive)

Workbook (CaSe SeNsItIvE Password: PR16L1)