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Umbrella Manager

Are you an Umbrella Manager ?

Sarah is an ‘umbrella manager’ - always ready to shield her team from organisational chaos and politics. Though well-intentioned, this management style leads to her own heightened stress and anxiety.

Harvard Business Review warns that excessive protection from ‘umbrella managers’ can create overdependency within a te...

Power BI Taster Session

Free Power BI Taster Session

Join us for an insightful free overview of Power BI features led by our experienced trainer, Nikki Peters! You will learn how this software helps companies visualise performance and handle big data.

Places are limited s...

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Join us next month for one of our most popular courses, Train the Trainer!

This course is delivered by the awesome Chris Holl, our personable and passionate business skills trainer who brings 20+ years of experience in...

The Corporate Dilemma

The Corporate Dilemma!

Saving money by cutting your training budget is like saving money on parachutes... a bit risky, don't you think?

Why not focus on training that enhances your daily operations instead? In our experience, that means inve...

Planning a Microsoft 365 Migration?

As a specialist Microsoft 365 training provider, we can help your business fully maximise the benefits of a move to a collaborative, cloud-based working environment. The shift to Microsoft 365 is culturally different and managing this change to a better way of working is key to the success and uptake of any major new deployment.

We specialise in designing, writing and delivering bespoke training solutions for Microsoft 365 which will embed best practice and reinforce company specific policies and procedures within the training delivery.


Amazing Feedback in 2023!

At Skilltec, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our courses - we are excited to report that so far in 2023 we have received an average score of 4.8 from our course attendees! 

Listening to our customers' feedback is critical to our ability in delivering engaging and interactive training courses. From Power BI to Presentation Skills, we aim to deliver on all of your training requirements with our brilliant team of training specialists.


Picture of six Skilltec Trainers



You can call us on 01752 227330 or email if you have any questions or wish to discuss any particular requirements you may have.!