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Power BI DAX

New Course Release - Power BI DAX

We’re excited to launch our latest course, Power BI DAX. This intermediate level course introduces a range of data analysis expressions to help you create new data…from your data! Sounds interesting? Take a look at our course outline  and if you'd like to come along, our next Public Scheduled course is taking place on the 18th June.

If you'd like to book a spot then you can do so via our website, send us an email at or give us a call on 01752 227330 and have a chat with one of our team.

PS: Did we make a fancy dashboard on Power BI just to show off the new course? Yes, we did!

Love your Pet Day

National Pet Day

Yesterday at Skilltec, we celebrated National Pet Day - we seem to be a company of pet lovers so we celebrated with our furry friends.

Pets bring us so much joy, keep us active and entertain us with their antics.  Thought we'd share this cute pic of one of them!

Guide to Agile

Agile Project Management

Have you ever been confused about what ‘Agile’ means in project management? Well, you're not alone so we've put together this handy Agile guide for a straightforward explanation of Agile, how it works and its benefits compared to other approaches.

If you find this helpful, please feel free to share with your network!  And if you are interested in attending an training course on Agile, feel free to explore our project management courses all detailed in our Project Management Course Brochure.

Valentines Day

WorkPlace Behaviour

Here’s 5 more amazing workplace behaviours that deserve some love!!

1. Being the snack guy (especially when it’s from Greggs).

2. Bringing the best GIFs to a Teams meeting.

3. Making a perfect cup of tea.

4. Praising other’s achievements in public.

5. Saying ‘thank you’ for work that’s taken a long time.

Is there anything you’d add...what are your top 5!!

Planning a Microsoft 365 Migration?

As a specialist Microsoft 365 training provider, we can help your business fully maximise the benefits of a move to a collaborative, cloud-based working environment. The shift to Microsoft 365 is culturally different and managing this change to a better way of working is key to the success and uptake of any major new deployment.

We specialise in designing, writing and delivering bespoke training solutions for Microsoft 365 which will embed best practice and reinforce company specific policies and procedures within the training delivery.


Amazing Feedback in 2023!

At Skilltec, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our courses - we are excited to report that so far in 2023 we have received an average score of 4.8 from our course attendees! 

Listening to our customers' feedback is critical to our ability in delivering engaging and interactive training courses. From Power BI to Presentation Skills, we aim to deliver on all of your training requirements with our brilliant team of training specialists.


Picture of six Skilltec Trainers



You can call us on 01752 227330 or email if you have any questions or wish to discuss any particular requirements you may have.!