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Are you an Umbrella Manager ?

Sarah is an ‘umbrella manager’ - always ready to shield her team from organisational chaos and politics. Though well-intentioned, this management style leads to her own heightened stress and anxiety.

Harvard Business Review warns that excessive protection from ‘umbrella managers’ can create overdependency within a team, strain peer relationships, and create a higher risk of burnout for the manager. To strike a more effective balance, consider these three strategies:

1. Self-Reflection: Reflect on your reasons for shielding your team. Are you afraid to let them fail because of how it reflects on you? Do you want your team to like you? Do you distrust their abilities?

2. Promote Problem-Solving: Instead of saving the day, encourage your team to brainstorm their own solutions. Ask "What options do you see?" to nurture critical thinking and independence.

3. Embrace Learning from Failure: Let your team face some challenges alone. Short-term difficulties (and even failures) are essential for developing long-term resilience and capability.

While it can be challenging to watch your team struggle, remember that each challenge they overcome independently builds confidence and skills that are vital for their growth. 

Free Power BI Taster Session

Join us for an insightful free overview of Power BI features led by our experienced trainer, Nikki Peters! You will learn how this software helps companies visualise performance and handle big data.

Places are limited so email us at to save your spot. Hope to see you there!


Train the Trainer

Join us next month for one of our most popular courses, Train the Trainer!

This course is delivered by the awesome Chris Holl, our personable and passionate business skills trainer who brings 20+ years of experience in management and education. Throughout the day you’ll learn how to design and deliver engaging in-house training, ready for 2024.  If you want to see the full course outline, then you can find this on our website. Let us know if you’re interested and we can send more information across!  Hope you can join us!

The Corporate Dilemma!

Saving money by cutting your training budget is like saving money on parachutes... a bit risky, don't you think?

Why not focus on training that enhances your daily operations instead? In our experience, that means investing in relevant IT and Management skills to consistently add value and motivate your employees! With a 98% recommendation rating and a comprehensive IT and business training portfolio, here at Skilltec Training, we're excited to help your team master these important skills.

We appreciate that perhaps you are not sure what programme of training will meet the needs of your organisation but just by having that conversation and maybe speaking to our training experts will help you determine a clearer pathway to achieve this.  We'd really love to help you on this journey, after all, it's what we do so please just give us a call on 01752 227330 or send us an email to - we'd love to hear from you and we will endeavour to do everything we can to help you achieve your goals!

ClipChamp - What is it?

There’s a lot of hidden gems in Microsoft 365 that you might not know even exist! For example, ClipChamp is a video editing app introduced in Windows 11.

This app does a LOT more than you might expect for an in-built editor, and where it really shines is in the workplace. It’s a clean and user-friendly way to make your company ads, social media posts, and just about anything else you need! We've put together a brochure with a few more details so if you'd like to know more then just take a look!

Let us know which less-used M365 app you’d like to learn more about next! Remember, we offer one of the most complete collections of Microsoft Office and 365 training courses in the UK, with unlimited post-course support to really help your company embed their new skills. We’re always happy to talk!

Microsoft Word Turns 40!

Can you believe it? Microsoft Word first graced our screens in October 1983, the same year Michael Jackson's Thriller was all the rage.

It's image may have undergone various changes over the years and there have been lots of improvements along the way which has meant it's relevance in the workplace is still as strong today!


PRINCE2 - 7th Edition

Exciting news! The 7th Edition of PRINCE2 is now available and it's got a fantastic people-centric focus.

Already qualified? Your existing qualification (Foundation or Practitioner) is recognised for 3 years. But after that, you might want to think about a refresher. Ready to learn in a way that puts people first - then consider joining us on one of courses coming up in the New Year.

For more details, just send us a message to and we'll get in touch to talk things through and see what would work for you.

Microsoft Excel Iceberg

Microsoft Excel is like an iceberg, and most of us have only seen the tip!

The benefits of training in this application aren’t always obvious, particularly if you've been using it for years. However, it's one of our most popular courses for a reason. Here’s the top 3 things our attendees say they found useful in their Excel training:

1️⃣ Mastering New Shortcuts: Learning new keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up tasks like data entry, formatting, and navigation. Many of us know the classic Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts for example, but because so many people are self-taught on Excel it’s possible to miss other even more useful options, like Ctrl+T which formats your selected data into a table! 

2️⃣ Building Confidence, especially with creating formulas: Excel formulas can seem daunting at first, and there certainly is a lot to be learned! Attendees tell us they gain the confidence to start creating complex formulas, performing advanced calculations, and automating tasks.

3️⃣ Creating Charts: Our training equips you with the skills to design a wide range of charts and graphs. Understanding the purpose and impact of different chart types allows you to present data more effectively, making your reports and presentations more informative and compelling. 

If you would like to discuss any Microsoft Excel Training Needs that your organisation may have, then just send us a note at and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

Success in Sales

Genuine connections matter. The 'gift of the gab' might get your foot in the door, but it's your skills, knowledge, and ability to truly connect that will seal the deal. Sales is about building relationships, solving problems, and adding value to your clients' lives. And that's where the real magic happens!
At Skilltec Training we know that successful salespeople are the ones who continuously update their skills, understand their market, and put their customers at the heart of everything they do. Our Sales Professional courses are designed to help you practice your craft and gain new skills. View the course outlines and available dates.

Mind the Skills Gap

The UK's skills gap is widening, but your company doesn't have to be part of the statistic.

Read the report, Mind the Skills Gap, to find out how companies are upskilling their teams to avoid the current recruitment challenges - and learn how Skilltec Training can partner with you to bridge the gap.