Mobile Classroom

Whilst some of our clients are based within easy commute of one of our training centres in Plymouth, Exeter or Bristol, many are not. For this reason, many of our customers look for us to come on-site and train their delegates at their own premises.

On-site training requires suitable equipment to be available - with one PC per delegate, a projector and screen and a flip chart or whiteboard available to the trainer. However, as this is not always the case, we introduced our mobile classroom which includes the trainer bringing all the equipment needed for training delivery for a group of up to 8 delegates.

The mobile classroom includes:

  • 8 Laptop PC's plus one for the trainer

  • Projector

  • Portable Projector Screen

  • White Board for the Trainer

  • Courseware for the Delegates

If you can provide some but not all of the items needed, then we can arrange to bring just those items that you cannot provide.


If you think this would work for you, you can call us on 01752 227330 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.