Personal Development Training Courses

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In our programme of Personal development courses, we focus on the critical ‘soft skills’ that are closely intertwined with both your personal development and business success.

You do not need to have any special skills or experience to begin working on personal development or attend these courses. No matter where you are in your personal or professional life journey, there are benefits to learning the skills that will enhance your personal development. There is no finish line for personal development. It’s an ongoing process that may take you down many different roads over time.

One of the keys to successfully beginning a personal development journey is having an open mind and heart. You may be asked to try things you’ve never done before, and it’s important for you to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

In this series, you will be engaged and involved in a journey of self-discovery, challenging pre-conceptions and developing your personal brand. These inspirational and highly participative courses will help you achieve greater personal and business success, by increasing the impact you have on those working for and with you.


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Bespoke Training for Personal Development Courses

All the courses within the Personal Development training series can be run as bespoke company courses and focused on the needs of your team. Our Training Specialists will work with you to design a unique tailored training programme aligned to the specific goals and aspirations of the group, making the learning experience meaningful, powerful, and memorable.

Transforming the effectiveness and productivity of your workforce is key to high-performance business outcomes and these on-point training programmes can be an instrumental part of that strategy.

Group Training for Personal Development

All our Personal Development training courses are available as closed company courses specifically for the people in your organisation so please just ask us if there is a group of you who require the same training and we'll set up a course just for you on a date that matches your timescales.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many delegates can attend a Personal development course?

Our public-scheduled Personal development courses run to a maximum group size of 10 delegates or less. Our classes are designed to include lots of class discussion and real-life scenarios.

Is courseware included?

The majority of our Personal Development courses come with supporting hand-outs.

Will I receive a course certificate?

Yes – at the end of your Personal development course you will receive a course completion certificate

When do I receive my Joining Instructions?

Joining instructions are sent out approximately 2-weeks prior to the course start date and contain everything you need to know in order to attend your Personal Development course.

What is the Skilltec Training Virtual Classroom?

Our live-with-the-trainer Virtual Classrooms allows you to attend your Personal Development course from anywhere. Our training specialists replicate the live classroom environment virtually incorporating using Microsoft Teams and encourage lots of class discussion.



"Chris was very good at delivering the course and held the attention of the group excellently."

     - Robert @ London Library ★★★★★

Assertiveness - Virtual Classroom

"Brilliant interactive learning and was made to feel at ease by the trainer.  Very useful and valuable takeaways."

     - Cheryl @ Wealden District Council ★★★★★

Personal Impact & Influencing - Virtual Classroom