Report Writing Training Course

Course Code: BSRW   Duration: 1 Day   Price: £325+VAT

Business reports are your company’s main tool to enable and support critical decision-making. If you are proposing a course of action – either within your company or to a client – the report you write will be its best advocate.

This one-day Report Writing workshop has been designed specifically for people who are required to write business reports. It concentrates exclusively on the skills needed to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective. You will explore the various stages of planning and structuring effective reports and look at different kinds of reports and what is needed to produce them. 


This course is designed for anyone who would like to develop their Report Writing skills with particular focus on how to construct persuasive reports that have immediate impact.  You will benefit from this course if you have to write any type of report, from a one-page summary to an in-depth technical document.

Learning Objectives

By actively participating in this course, you will learn about the following:

  • Understand how to structure a report in a logical manner.
  • How to analyse the prospective audience for the report.
  • Be able to organise and arrange information effectively.
  • Improve your understanding of appropriate language to use in the report
  • Develop a writing style to enhance the ‘readability’ of the report.

Although not essential, you will get the most from this course if you have already been involved in writing reports but those who are new to this within their current or new role will equally benefit.

Course Contents     
  • Key components of Business Reports
  • Types of Business Reports
  • Ways of planning and structuring Business Reports
  • Preferred communications styles
  • Powerful Report structures

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