Are you Moving to SharePoint?

Switching to a new platform is a bit like moving house. Exciting, yes, but also fraught with its fair share of challenges and, “Now, where did I put that?” moments. If your company is considering a move to SharePoint, here are 5 tips to make the changeover as smooth as possible!

Declutter Before Migrating
Imagine trying to move house without first decluttering. You'll end up hauling things you don't need into your new space. Same with SharePoint. Before you migrate, it's time to conduct a file and document audit. Get rid of redundant, outdated, or trivial information (often known by the amusing acronym ROT).

Have a Solid Plan
Proper planning ensures you’re utilising SharePoint’s features to the fullest. Identify key stakeholders, assemble your migration team, and define your goals. What do you want your site to do, and how do you want it to be used?

Skill Up
Whether you’re a SharePoint owner, designer, or simply a user - SharePoint comes equipped with several very useful features and tools. Training your team ensures they can make the most of these both when designing and also later when using the site.  Skilltec Training offer 3 SharePoint courses which are all tailored to each level of user.

Do a Test Run
Completing a test migration with some of your data will help you identify any problems and give you a taste of how long the full migration will take.

Go Live
Once you're up and running, monitor performance and gather feedback. Use this to make necessary adjustments. The tech world is ever evolving, and SharePoint is no exception.

Moving to SharePoint?