Microsoft SharePoint is a game changer for growing organisations 

SharePoint streamlines document management, promotes collaboration, and enhances productivity with customisable workflows and automation. It ensures secure storage, seamless communication, and knowledge sharing while protecting sensitive data. Integrated with Microsoft tools, it offers a comprehensive solution to securely optimise collaboration and processes.  

However, training is crucial to enable users to leverage SharePoint's full potential and avoid potential pitfalls. We recently spoke to our expert SharePoint Trainer and asked what the most challenging aspect of SharePoint migration tends to be. Her answer? “Making full use of metadata”.  

What is Metadata?  

Metadata is basically data about your data, as Nikki explains, “Imagine shopping on Amazon. You type 'TV,' and you're swamped with choices. What do you do? You filter by the brand, size, and features you want - that’s metadata in action helping you to narrow your choices down.  When it comes to business documents on Microsoft SharePoint, you can add custom metadata tags to indicate important info; for example, which team they belong to, what project they are associated with, or approval status. Then, just like on Amazon, users can find the documents they need by filtering using these tags." 

There are clear business benefits to using metadata as intended, however, it’s impossible to think about them all ahead of time, unless you’re trained on SharePoint’s features. At Skilltec, we don’t just teach Microsoft courses, we work with your needs and our 3 levels of SharePoint training are designed to help you navigate potential migration issues, and unlock the full potential of this powerful platform.  Get in touch to find out more. 

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