Microsoft Excel Iceberg

Microsoft Excel is like an iceberg, and most of us have only seen the tip!

The benefits of training in this application aren’t always obvious, particularly if you've been using it for years. However, it's one of our most popular courses for a reason. Here’s the top 3 things our attendees say they found useful in their Excel training:

1️⃣ Mastering New Shortcuts: Learning new keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up tasks like data entry, formatting, and navigation. Many of us know the classic Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts for example, but because so many people are self-taught on Excel it’s possible to miss other even more useful options, like Ctrl+T which formats your selected data into a table! 

2️⃣ Building Confidence, especially with creating formulas: Excel formulas can seem daunting at first, and there certainly is a lot to be learned! Attendees tell us they gain the confidence to start creating complex formulas, performing advanced calculations, and automating tasks.

3️⃣ Creating Charts: Our training equips you with the skills to design a wide range of charts and graphs. Understanding the purpose and impact of different chart types allows you to present data more effectively, making your reports and presentations more informative and compelling. 

If you would like to discuss any Microsoft Excel Training Needs that your organisation may have, then just send us a note at and one of our friendly team will be in touch!

Microsoft Excel Iceberg